Do you worry about the frustrating behavior of your loved one with dementia?

They may be displaying signs of agitation and we want to hear from you

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In this study we aim to

Test software that takes automatic measurements to identify agitation

Seek your feedback on whether the devices are comfortable and easy to use

Collect information about the symptom of agitation in patients with dementia

How does this work?

  • The study period is 28 days
  • During this time we ask caregivers to:
    • Provide daily feedback about any agitation episodes
    • Remove the smartwatch from the patient at night and set the devices on a charging stand
    • Help the patient put on the smartwatch and carry the smartphone in the morning
  • During this time we ask patients to:
    • Wear a smartwatch and carry a smartphone during their waking hours every day
  • For the duration of the study we will provide you with:
    • The study devices (a smartwatch and a smartphone)
    • Training to use the devices and assistance for any questions or issues during the study

Who’s eligible?

  • Male and female adults 18 years and older with a diagnosis of dementia from any cause
  • Patients with dementia who get agitated frequently, and severely enough to disrupt their daily activities
  • Patients with dementia who are otherwise in good general health and can walk independently or with a single point cane
  • A caregiver* who can assist the patient with carrying a smartphone and wearing a smartwatch on their wrist
  • A caregiver* who can connect a device to Wi-Fi, operate a smartphone and smartwatch, and manage the daily charging
  • *

    The caregiver can live with the participant or be present, daily, during waking hours

This study is sponsored by HealthMode, a company developing digital measurements to advance medicine

All systems are compliant with relevant laws and rules, including HIPAA and GDPR

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